Sports has always been viewed as the purest type of competition, pitting people against each other in spells of power, speed, and humor. But while the competition has gotten more heated through time, technology has played a part in deciding who was the very best and who had been left behind. In the beginning, technology has been used to find out who won through use of instant replay and high-speed cameras. Now, however, technology has been used to quantify athletes’ injury risks and heart rates to be able to improve their game. And one nation has taken the lead in using this tech to better their odds of coming home with a gold medal: Australia.

That is right – the nation from Down Under has decided to innovate a broad assortment of tech that’s being used by sports organizations and teams around the world. From heart screens to joint guards, Australia has been making remarkable strides in the realm of sport due to their dedication to technologies that belongs on the field, on the pitch, or at the gym.

However, why Australia? Everything goes back to the 1976 Montreal Olympics. After enduring competition after competition without coming away with one gold medal, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser determined that embarrassment was no longer an alternative. He created the Australian Institute of Sport so as to study various ways of success in sports on a global and local scale. And they were, definitely, the first country to do anything like that.

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