There are no more bowls of peanuts plain hot dogs with ketchup and old-fashioned watered down drinks. In stadiums now we see so many more different foods to finger pieces to the full-blown three-course meals. It was a complaint that stadium food was horrible, well they listened, and most stadiums have upped their game and improved the food significantly. People didn’t want to wait in long lines for a plain hot dog with a small range of ketchup. People are now happier to wait in line for decent food

While it is no surprise people visit stadiums for the sports but we are seeing more that are heading out to the arena to try their great food. Here we look at a few must-have foods for any stadium with a little touch up to create a more mouthwatering dish from the old days.

Hot Dog

The good old hot dog is something that will never go out of fashion, but it may get boring. The hot dog is still popular in stadiums, but the areas that have given the old hotdog a change are seeing hotdogs sales flow through the roof. With a few touch ups the hot dog is improved. The most popular selling hot dogs that are selling at the Phoenix Stadium is a hot dog that is wrapped in a maple peppered bacon that is put in a bun with your choice of fresh ingredients added to the top. Hot dogs are easy to eat and if your cheering with one hand you can eat the hotdog in the other.

A good old burger
What stadium doesn’t have a good tasty burger? Most popular in North America is the hamburger and the cheeseburger. In Denver, you can get the famous blitz burger that the fans love to sink their teeth into. The secret ingredients with the blitz burger are onion-bacon jam. You can choose the fresh salads you want to be added such as tomato, lettuce, cheese etc.

The famous taco

Everyone loves tacos. The taco has been around for a long time and is even more popular now that when it started its fame. You can find tacos in little side street vans or even in the poshest restaurants. The ingredients are fresh, and you can choose what sauces you want and what type of bread you want.

Veggie BLT

Vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming more popular nowadays, and it can be hard for those following these diets to find anything at the games for that are suitable for them to eat. A couple of stadiums are now doing veggie BLTs. These are guaranteed ideal for both vegans and vegetarians and are loaded with flavour. BLTs are famous throughout the world, but often stadiums don’t have vegan and vegetarian varieties. Now everyone can enjoy a darn good BLT while watching football.

By adding plenty of tasty food with a decent variety to suit different diets can ensure there will never be a dull moment of fans.

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