There is certainly no shortage when it comes to different travel apps. The Android and Apple marketplaces have plenty of different apps for travelling. But just like all phone accessories, there are some pretty bad ones mixed up in there. You need to sort out the useless ones from the good ones – and this can be hard to do (not to mention time-consuming!). 

Check out the apps below that are worth downloading when you have an upcoming trip:


Once you have entered your airline status and credit card and your lounge memberships the app will then tell you which lounges you are able to access at any airport. The app will still tell you which lounges free and which ones are available to buy for a day pass. It’s free and very easy to use.


If you have gone through the pain of cancelled or delayed flight or if you have been denied access on a flight due to overbooking, then AirHelp is what you need. Most times there is compensation for these cases however the details will differ. It is a complicated process and the ones that are avail to the compensation very rarely even get it. By using this app, you have a simple process where you just enter the flight info and the details of the problems and the company will sort the rest out. If you are successful with a claim, they will take 25% of the figure and you are entitled to the rest. You can also gain a referral bonus for others on the flight that you send to AirHelp.


This app does all the usual stuff that you would expect from an accommodation app from descriptions, filters, searches and is easy to use. It has a fully interactive map that makes it easy to work out if the hostel you are interested in is close to where you are needing to be. They also have reviews that are only a swipe away.


This has grown significantly and is an app that lets you rent couches, rooms and entire apartments from local people. If you stay with the locals, you are getting the social part of a hostel. The app works the same as the website, but you cause it anywhere.  The app is better and more effective at communicating with the host to.


Skyscanner is a popular method for finding cheap flights. The app can search absolutely thousands of flights from over 1,300 sources that give you the best options for things like the easiest and cheapest route. The chart feature shows you the cheapest times to fly and can send you notification of any price changes.

Hotel Tonight

This app will give you great last-minute discounts for the hotel rooms that are empty. It is easy to use and doesn’t take long to start the process of reserving a room. You can search via attraction or city and even the map. You can view the reviews and the pictures from different travellers. Packs with features like 24/7 support if you are stuck and need a last decision room this app works well.


An app that helps to organise the travel itinerary. You just need to forward the hotel flights, car rentals and restaurants confirmation emails to the email and it will combine all of them and sends it to the master itinerary so you can view all the upcoming plans at once. Upgrading to the pro version means you can have access to alternative routes if your flight is cancelled and it will send notification about any flight delays and more.

Additional tip! Make sure you’ve got a pop socket on your phone when travelling, to avoid dropping it! 


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