Athletes are the best at their sport. They don’t just get to an elite level based on one thing. An athlete needs determination, talent and the patience to keep going through the losses and mistakes and learn from them. There is one colossal characteristic that is above all, and that is confidence.

Whether children are advanced or just beginners when they start a sport, they need confidence. Children that lack in the confidence category can have adverse effects. If a young basketball player feels confident when playing, they will perform better and harder, but confidence like sport requires practice.

If children express interest in playing basketball get them enrolled as early as possible. Gaining skills and confidence is better done at a young age rather than later on. When playing basketball, some teams need to work together in order to get the ball from one end to the other and successfully get it into the hands of the slam dunker. Kids gain confidence as they grow and starting early is essential if your child shows an interest in playing sports.

Confidence is in between fear and faith. Fear is over powerful for children, and it can overtake a child’s emotions and paralyse them if they allow it to overtake their game. Children need to know that even the best athletes knew they were going to miss the basketball hoop and make mistakes when they started. Michael Jordan miss shots and made mistakes but he didn’t give up, and that is why he is where he is today. If he decided to quit while he was missing shots, he wouldn’t have the talent he has today. The only way o stop missing the hoop is to stop playing basketball. Kids need to understand that failing is nothing to be afraid of but to gain from it.

You can help children build confidence who want to play basketball ball by beginning small. Starting the shots easy by having the child only a few feet away from the basket. Once the child has got a few through the hoop, their confidence will grow, and they will be able to build the rhythm that works for them.

A teams aim is to win simple as that. Children can be so caught up in the aim to win that they lose the most important goal which is to play the game, enjoy the game and do your best. Just because the team loses does not mean it isn’t the best team. The wins will come once the team develops strategies, works together as a team and practices as much as they can. If a child gets a goal or hits the mark, the team will cheer for them and give them a good pat on the back this aids in gaining confidence and will encourage the child to participate harder to learn more positive reactions from teammates.

When children enrol in basketball at a young age, coaches, work more on developing confidence, gaining skills and educating the children about the game and how they need to work in a team more so than the competitive stage. This will help children to gain confidence in life they need early when they are most vulnerable and ready to learn.

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